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Who we are

Due to the great love and passion on tourism, Jack dedicated to create the unforgotten travel experience for the tourists who desire to see the fantastic natural landscape, Experience the coolest outdoor activities and discover the authentic local culture. Hence, He launched Jack's Private Tours in 2010.   

We understand that the tour guide play a very important role while the actual tour taking place. Jack's Private Tours is made up of a few outstanding independent tour guides from Guilin and Yangshuo.Because excellent tour guide means secured excellent service. Each tour guide in the team has been carefully handpicked and tested by Jack in person in the past few years. Their personality, professionalism and loyalty are guaranteed. So that we can ensure the consistent quality of every tour be delivered as promised!

Besides,In order to let our clients gain the best travel experiences, We used to work with the most friendly,reliable and dedicated associates,Such as Cautious drivers, Reliable activities suppliers and work with highly recommended restaurants and hotels,So that ensure our customers have a safe,smooth and enjoyable trip along the way.

So far, We are based in Yangshuo town, Because Yangshuo can provide a wide selection for various tourists, such as relaxing holiday, attractive outdoor activities, authentic farming culture, outstanding photography,etc. Besides, More and more tourists would like to spend more time to stay in Yangshuo town rather than Guilin city. So,the abundant tourist source also bring us more opportunities and confidence to run our business well continuously.

We believe that Rome wasn't built in one day, So does the good reputation! We promised that the tours we offered will definitely beyond your expectation. Hence,ensure every penny you paid to us is valuable and worthwhile!

If you are interested in working with us, please don't hesitate to contact us!




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