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Where to go

      According to the map below,You can see that,This area covers a part of northeast in Guangxi province and a part of southeast in Guizhou province,This area concentrate the most highlights among the both of provinces.the area around Guilin must be more famous and well known due to its distinctive nature scenery,especially the unique karst peaks and crystal water,Compare to most big cities,such as Beijing,Xian,Shanghai.etc,Guilin and Yangshuo provide a beautiful paradise for the tourists to relax and enjoy the nature freely, Beside,with the accessible throughway and modern tourist infrastructure,Guilin and Yangshuo has already become one of the most attractive destinations in the south of China.

Compare to the the touristy places around Guilin,The area around southeast of Guizhou could be rarely visited by the foreigner tourists,But as a matter of fact,because it was historically one of the poorest and remote places in It has maintained isolation and backwater for a long time in the history, Their unique and ancient cultures which included unsophisticated ethnic customs,fantastic architecture,traditional art and habits, slash and burn agricultural civilization have been isolated and protected from outside influences by the tall surrounding mountains,especially,this are is also the home to the largest number of members of the Miao and Dong minority groups in China.of course, It has no shortage of breathtaking landscapes, characterized by limestone karst hills, vast mountain valleys, terraced rice fields, imposing cave features and cascading waterfalls can be seen along the way.If you are desire to discover some off the beaten paths accompany with stunning ethnic minorities culture in south of China,This area is really a good choice for you!

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