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Activities booking

           As a popular touristy city in the south of China,because of the beautiful scenery and abundant tourist resources,Yangshuo has already become more and more famous for the travellers all over the fact,Yangshuo itself also provide many interesting activites for the tourists.such as the Yulong river bamboo rafting,The water cave exploring,The rock climbing,Taichi learn,Chinese cooking course and so on.each of the activities are very especial amd worth to have a try.there are must be some activities that you are interested in.If you want to join in some activities,just said to us,we will arrange for you.we are sure it will leave a good memory in your lifetime!

Li river motorized rafting

Li river motorized rafting

Yulong river bamboo rafting

Yulong river bamboo rafting


Kayaking along the Li river


Yangshuo caving

Rubber dinghy drifting

Yangshuo rubber dinghy drifting


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